my office location

Conveniently located in the Northwest/Alphabet District of Portland, OR.


1977 NW Overton Street
Suite C
Portland, OR 97209

t: (503) 489-8804
f: (503) 662-7282

patient portal

As part of my practice, I have a patient portal system with a secure messaging system. I check this messaging system at least once a day and this is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, confidential way to send me specific non-urgent medication questions or concerns in between appointments. It is very important to me to ensure my clients feel comfortable with the medication decisions we make together and have a way to reach me when needed. I make it a priority to respond to all messages in 24-never more than 48 hours. The portal also has specific 'measures' or rating scales for patients to complete to provide a baseline measurement of symptoms of concern. I send these to my patients periodically as another way to track progress and problems. When patients are scheduled with an appointment with me, they are provided with a unique code used to create the portal account.

Link to Patient Portal: